Virtual Coaching Sales
Virtual Coaching Sales
Premier Sales Partner for Coaching Leaders

More Sales. Less Selling.


Are you a business owner who wants more sales?

Are you a sales person who wants more freedom?

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We believe that the key to success is making other people successful.

We believe that entrepreneurs are the key to changing the world.

We believe that for entrepreneurs need REALLY GOOD salespeople in order to have their greatest level of impact.

We believe that sales people deserve a REALLY GOOD life because they are the midwives of other people's dreams.

We believe that this is more than enough for all of us and we achieve our Best Life by loving and serving others using our unique vision and talents.


Case Study: Deepak Chopra

We had the privilege of managing coaching sales for the Chopra Center. In our first month, we increased monthly revenue by 469%.

We generated multiple seven-figures of new enrollments and the Chopra Center experienced a 243% cash-on-cash return on their investment in the 18 months we partnered together.

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