Virtual Coaching Sales
Virtual Coaching Sales
Premier Sales Partner for Coaching Leaders

Have you been wildly successful in your current sales role, but you...

Feel under-appreciated?

Are tired of the commute?

Hate the politics and drama?

Are frustrated by the lack of control?

Wish you could set your own hours?


Working for Virtual Coaching Sales may be right for you!

We are the premier sales partner for B2B Service Providers. We help industry leaders consistently double or triple their already-successful online business model into multiple 7 Figures.

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We are actively seeking...

CHAMPIONS. You are passionate about creating the life of your dreams and you are committed to making this world a better place. You recognize that making great money is a requisite for living your best life, but so is freedom, significance, and ownership.

WORLD-CHANGERS. Whether you’ve been managing a Fortune500 company, or changing diapers, or waiting tables — what you’ve been doing is “not doing it” for you anymore. You were made for so much more than this and you are ready to soar in a new direction.

As a seasoned sales rep with 20+ years of sales experience working in other industries, this coaching industry was a new space for me to play and learn in.

Under Caitlin’s guidance, I literally transformed from almost being let go because selling in this space wasn’t clicking to becoming a record-holding sales performer having tripled my sales goal. I attest this to Caitlin’s ability to put an amazing team together where we created a momentum that attributed to the “secret sauce” that goes beyond teaching new tools and strategies. Her ability to not only spot talent but develop you into being your best is truly a gift. Super grateful to have been chosen to be part of her team and for her belief in me as I found my way to becoming a super star! Thank you so much again Caitlin.
— Heidi H. San Diego, California
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Completing our rigorous Selection and Certification Process will give you access to the most powerful sales and marketing systems in the industry, making you the most valuable asset in any organization.

Top-producers can easily generate over six-figures, working from home, supporting people in make life- and business-changing decisions utilizing our clients' programs (ranging from $997 - $120,000) that best suit their goals. 


As exciting and inspiring as this position is, it can also be very challenging. We are looking for the cream of the crop - overachievers who consistently prove they are the best at whatever they undertake.

We don’t care about your resume, because we want to hire superstars, not backgrounds! No matter your experience level, we will train you if you have everything we want!


Hours are flexible

and the work can be done anywhere you have internet access


You will have the opportunity to...

  • Connect with industry leaders and work closely with their leadership team

  • Get total behind-the-scenes access to see how successful business owners are running their operations

  • Learn our incredibly powerful sales and business-building formulas that are getting amazing results for our own company and our clients’ businesses

  • Be a part of a team of incredible, dynamite, intelligent people who are awesome human beings (and dedicated to excellence)

  • Enjoy tremendous flexibility and autonomy in your work and life

  • Contribute your creative ideas to our clients’ marketing, sales and business-building strategies

  • Enjoy occasional travel to great locations all over the country for live events — and yet work from home the other 95% of the time

  • Have incredible earnings potential, limited only by your level of motivation

We massively scale our clients’ profits and operations past the multi-millions mark. 

But the key to our success isn’t just our relentless commitment to excellence… Our defining characteristic and the reason our clients continually refer us to their colleagues is because WE CARE.

We care about our clients’ businesses as if they were our own, and we consider them Family.

We their customers and ensuring each person receives concierge service at every step in our sales process. 

We care about our team members and giving them the support they need to meet their financial goals and live out their personal mission.

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We believe

that sales is always a Win-Win and we give our customers exactly what they need to succeed.

We believe

that sales is leadership and we lead our customers out of their comfort zone into their destiny.

We believe

that sales is the ultimate expression of love in service as we inspire our customers to be their highest self.

A few things you'll need

  • No fear... of cold calling or rejection.

  • Proven sales success, or an ability to master the art of sales quickly.

  • High emotional intelligence. You like people and connect easily with others.

  • Passion. You help leaders, executives, and business owners play a much bigger game (and break through their subconscious blocks to get there.)

  • Commitment. You “get” the bigger philosophy behind what we do

  • Exceptional problem-solving abilities. The ability to effectively operate independently with minimal hand holding — and take full ownership for your results

  • High attention to detail and tenacious follow-up!

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Is that you? Or do you know someone who fits the bill?

If so, go ahead and launch the next level of your career…

I really appreciate Caitlin’s energy and the vision she has for VCS and everyone involved with her business. Caitlin always steps up to a challenge without making it a struggle - very inspiring! All this while keeping a commitment to her own work/life balance. She’s authentic, and IMHO really demonstrates that we CAN ‘have it all’, whatever our ‘all’ is, as long as we remain open, curious and ask for support when we need it. Caitlin has a vision that goes beyond her own bottom-line — she’s a unicorn in the world of business!
— Merrin, P. British Columbia, Canada
I’ve been with this company for nearly two years. I’ve never had a job that’s allowed me to stretch grow and earn so much and have time for my family, my coaching business and build my dreams.
— Johnilee W.  Seattle, Washington
Working for VCS with Caitlin and Michael has absolutely been a Godsend to me. The hiring process an appointment setter experiences is quite genius. The individuals who make it through the hiring process are seen as champions and given ample opportunity to learn, adapt and grow while having a flexible schedule to work from home. There is tremendous respect all around and I know without a doubt, Caitlin has passion for what she does and loves to make a close. She fights for a win-win-win situation. She is fair, respectful, and genuinely wants the best for all involved. Caitlin and Michael are excellent at what they do! I am so grateful to be a part of VCS!
— Christina M.  Great Plains, Texas
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