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Virtual Coaching Sales
Premier Sales Partner for Coaching Leaders

Who You Are

You have grown a very successful coaching or consulting company, but you’ve become the bottleneck to your own success because you are still closing your own deals. Unfortunately, when you shift your focus from sales to client fulfillment, your revenue drops and you’re trapped on the feast-or-famine rollercoaster.

You no longer have the bandwidth to handle all your sales. You need to be working ON your business, not IN it.  You know you’re leaving a lot of money on the table by not having a full-time sales professional working for you, but you don't know how to recruit, hire, train and manage a sales person… you’re not even sure if you’re generating enough leads to make it worth it!

Before aligning with Virtual Coaching Sales, we had been leaving many, many potential students un-served. There was simply no one on our Team qualified to handle the sheer volume of connection calls required to help those who had expressed interest in working with us. Enter Caitlin Doemner and her unmatched expertise in helping us brilliantly recruit and train talented, loving appointment setters and enrollment coaches. These sales-trained individuals have since become a seamless extension of our brand and have helped us dramatically grow our student body.

We are thrilled with the outcome and wholeheartedly recommend Caitlin and VCS. If you have an established coaching business and are ready to scale your business, then VCS is the company you want to align with to go to the next level.
— Fabienne Fredrickson,
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What You Need

You need a documented sales process, a clear plan to consistently generate leads, and proven systems that will optimize conversion, track and manage all deals in the pipeline so that you can confidently delegate your sales process to someone knowing they’ll succeed.

You need a proven professional whom you trust to represent your brand and take care of your clients with the same excellence you exemplify.

You need to master sales management. Even if you’re a brilliant closer, you may not know how to “bottle your genius” in a way that ensures high conversion rates for your sales people. You need scripts, templates and weekly reporting to ensure they’re staying on the right track in their development.

Virtual Coaching Sales found me at just the right time that I really needed somebody to help me up my sales, and MAN did they do it! My best customers on the planet felt more loved and more supported because of what VCS did as part of their whole process of bringing in more sales.

I thought I was getting a sales team to grow my bottom line, and I got so much more. I cannot possibly endorse or recommend them enough! If you are lucky enough to find your way to VCS, hire them! And the crazy thing is that your people, your tribe, your best customers will LOVE YOU for it. It’s such a cool Win-Win-Win-Win. Thank you!
— Margaret M. Lynch, bestselling author of Tapping Into Wealth
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Who We Are


Virtual Coaching Sales has recruited, hired, trained and managed “in-house” sales teams for dozens of entrepreneurs, scaling their companies from the $1M to the $5M mark. We have generated over $10M in new revenue for our clients in the last five years.

As business scaling strategists, our primary focus is increasing your Sales, but we understand that good Mindset and Marketing are required for growth, and Operational Systems and Profitability will both be directly affected by our efforts, so our Executive Leadership Team provides strategic support in all five areas.

We hired Caitlin and her amazing team, and within three months of making the investment we had a 300% return on investment and within 10 months, VCS had created a million dollars in non-event sales. They helped us become a multimillion dollar business within our first ten months of working with them. And the very best thing is that we receive emails, letters, talking about all the people on the VCS team... People actually stand up at my masterminds to praise the people who are on team VCS, because they are the seamless extension of who we are. And we hear that all the time because of the way they were trained and the expertise that they have as a sales team and as an extension of your brand. So I’m really really loving VCS and Caitlin, and what she’s trying her team to do it’s been an amazing experience for us.
— Christine Kane,
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What We Do

We provide turnkey business development services for coaches and consultants, enabling you to double your business in half the time.

We place a "brand-aligned" SalesMAP Certified Sales Development Representative (SalesPro) onto your team who can generate their own leads using our proprietary "Conversations at Scale" methodology and we will train you to manage them for long-term success.

YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! Working with VCS has been an amazing experience. My pipeline has never been so full. Together we massively scaled my offerings from a local to a national audience and implemented the necessary sales systems that will multiple my revenue many times over. Caitlin, you and your team have servants’ hearts; you’re fun and easy to work with and it’s clear that you care about my mission and have gone out of your way to make this successful.
— Justin Maust, Founder of
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How it works

Not only will we teach you how to generate the hottest possible leads (without paid traffic!) and convert them effortlessly into your high-ticket packages, we will also place one of our own Certified Sales Professionals onto your project so they can take the entire sales process off your shoulders! We will give you the exact systems that our multiple seven- and eight-figure clients are using behind the scenes to track and nurture their leads and train and manage their sales people.


Using our SalesMAPing software, we will clarify your full Sale-to-Scale business strategy, outlining your ideal client, high-end offers, and capacity plan for exponential growth.

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Step 1

Lead Generation

We will train you to initiate conversations with ideal prospects via Social Media using our proven playbook. We ask that you give us one hour per day to dial in your precise demographic and the messaging that best converts your unique clientele.

Step 2


We will place a SalesMAP Certified Sales Development Rep (SalesPro) onto your project. They will utilize the outreach system we've developed in order to place 3-5 qualified leads onto your calendar each week.

Once you record a high-end close from a lead they've generated, your SalesPro will be ready for…

Step 3


Your SalesPro will initiate conversations with your ideal prospects and book them onto their own calendar. We will coach and train them until they close their first high-end offer from leads they've generated.

Step 4


Congratulations! You're now the proud employer of a sales rep! Now we train you to manage them so that they can achieve their fullest potential (and retain them for years!). We will give you our proven systems and coach you to get the best results.


Case Study

Ali Brown, Ali International, LLC

We recruited, hired, and trained Ali’s sales team. In the first 3 months, we achieved a 247% ROI for her; at the end of seven months, when they were ready to internalize the team, Ali had made her investment with our company back 10 times over.


What You Get

  • Certified SalesMAP Business Development Representative

  • Private strategy sessions with our executive leadership team

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls for 90 Days

  • Your own Sale-to-Scale Strategic Growth Plan

  • "Conversations at Scale" system for generating leads on demand (without paid advertising)

  • Customized scripts leveraging our proprietary "HeartFlow" sales process

  • Compensation proforma and contract templates for hiring sales rep

  • And so much more!!

Our Milestone Guarantee

While many organizations will promise a revenue guarantee, we think that’s like handing you a fish. Instead, we want to make sure you have mastered the skill of fishing, so we provide a two part “Milestone Guarantee” to ensure you understand this process and can successfully manage it without us!

We will work with you until (1) you personally close a $5k or higher package from a lead generated by your SalesPro and (2) your SalesPro closes a $5k or higher package for you!

We typically breakeven in less than 90 days. You can expect your sales person to generate $200k - $2M in their first year!

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Next Steps

Because we guarantee your success, we personally interview every prospective client to ensure this is the right fit for both of us.

Please schedule a quick 30 minute introductory call with Caitlin Doemner herself. We will discuss your profit margins, lead flow, and capacity in order to determine if you’re ready for this step in your business growth.

If you’re not, Caitlin will give you the exact steps you need to get there!!

And if it is the right time, we will schedule a longer conversation to discuss the details of the program and a timeline for getting started.