Step 1. GROW

Maximize your personal conversion rates while remaining aligned with your personal values!

For Emerging Entrepreneurs, we offer a comprehensive 8-week Sales Certification Course that gives you the tools, strategies and mindset alignment you need to confidently offer and fill your high-end programs. We understand that selling can be intimidating when you’re not coming from a place of genuine love and service. Our Academy of Influence will show you how to identify and leverage your unique strengths into a personal sales style that allows you to feel great throughout the sales conversation, which inevitably results in allowing you to increase your prices AND your conversion rates simultaneously.

Step 2. Scale

Develop a scalable sales process that attracts and consistently closes your ideal clients into your high-profit programs all year long!

For Expanding Entrepreneurs, we offer VCS.Solutions, a year-long program that allows you to leverage our proven sales strategies for maximizing sales throughout the year, allowing you to move away from the Feast-or-Famine, Launch-Or-Die model that plagues many coaches and consultants. Implement the model we’ve used to scale many industry leaders into the seven-figures, so that you can emulate their stratospheric success without the painful (and expensive!) learning curve. Systematize your lead-flow, increase your profit margins, and build a team who supports you whole-heartedly, allowing you to enjoy your business again.


Bring on a fully-managed sales team who will maximize value per lead, massively increase sales revenue and give you ultimate peace of mind!

For Established Entrepreneurs, we offer “Done-For-You” recruitment and management services, working with you to hire, train and optimize a full team of top sales professionals who perfectly align with your brand. Stop leaving money on the table by giving each of your prospects the time, attention, and care they deserve through a personal phone call. We guarantee a 100% ROI within 12 months of hiring, although typically our clients report significantly higher returns in less than six months. If you are ready to grow your business past the $5 Million mark while simultaneously achieving your Dream Lifestyle, then our fully-managed sales teams are right for you.

Take our 15-minute comprehensive Sales Assessment to identify the gaps in your sales process: