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Given the sensitive nature of what we do, we cannot share the names of all of our clients, but here are a few recent examples of what we’ve been able to accomplish.

Ali BrownAli Brown, Ali International, LLC We recruited, hired, and trained Ali’s sales team. In the first 3 months, we achieved a 247% ROI for her; at the end of seven months, when they were ready to internalize the team, Ali had made her investment with our company back 10 times over.



Dean Jackson Dean Jackson, Our Facebook marketing strategy reached a 2,670% ROI net 30. Dean proudly pointed out that “as of 11:19pm, we have 82 opt ins for $81.90 — you’ve cracked the equivalent of the opt-in 4-minute mile!”


Fabienne and Derek

Fabienne and Derek Fredrickson,

“Before aligning with Virtual Coaching Sales, we at The Client Attraction Business School™ had been leaving many, many potential students un-served. There was simply no one on our Team qualified to handle the sheer volume of connection calls required to help those who had expressed interest in working with us. Enter Caitlin Doemner and her unmatched expertise in helping us brilliantly recruit and train talented, loving appointment setters and enrollment coaches. These sales-trained individuals have since become a seamless extension of our brand and have helped us dramatically grow our student body.

We are thrilled with the outcome and wholeheartedly recommend Caitlin and VCS. If you have an established coaching business, a well-oiled marketing funnel and are ready to scale your business with a professional in-house sales team, then VCS is the company you want to align with to go to the next level.”                                           – Fabienne Fredrickson

Christine Kane Christine Kane,

We recruited, hired, trained and managed her sales team. In our first three months, we achieved a 380% ROI for her organization.



Margaret Lynch

Margaret M. Lynch, bestselling author of Tapping Into Wealth

We started as her event support sales team, adding $276,000 in post-event sales revenue. We have since built her full-time in-house sales team and are averaging 200% ROIs on a monthly basis.

“Virtual Coaching Sales found me at just the right time that I really needed somebody to help me up my sales, and MAN did they do it! They came in as a storm — they understood my business, who I am, and message… Understood everything about my offer that was happening at my live event and they just knocked it out of the park. If you think adding $220,000 to my bottom line is “increasing sales” then yeah — they knocked it out of the park.

But they also engaged the people that are my perfect customers, that are my best clients, my TRIBE — they engaged them in a way that was so appealing and made those people feel so loved and so warm — they couldn’t even tell there was a sales process going on! And so I walked away with my best customers on the planet feeling more loved and more supported by my coaches because of what Caitlin and Nate did as part of their whole process of bringing in more sales.

I thought I was getting a sales team to grow my bottom line, and I got so much more. I cannot possibly endorse or recommend them enough! If you are lucky enough to find your way to VCS, hire them! And the crazy thing is that your people, your tribe, your best customers will LOVE YOU for it. It’s such a cool Win-Win-Win-Win. Thank you!”                                            — Margaret M. Lynch

Case Study: Margaret Lynch


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