“I love what I’m learning, and I’m ready to sign up for additional training that’ll transform my business and my life!”
  • It’s a 8-week interactive program
  • Specially-designed by our leadership team
  • Packed with assessments, transformation tools, and built-in structure that keeps you on track in a busy (and distracting!) world…and the entire process is simple and easy
  • Committed to helping YOU express your value in an effortless and natural way that results in your very best clients banging down your door
 The only skill on the planet GUARANTEED to make you money is sales. As you’ve been learning in our call, sales don’t have to be hard-core, pushy exchanges that make you and your client uncomfortable.

In fact, when you learn the art of effortless, passionate persuasion, you won’t feel like you’re selling at all.

You’ll feel good about yourself and your company; your clients will feel good about the value you add to their lives; and everyone WINS!

People often doubt themselves and their ability to learn sales, but let me assure you, EVERYONE can learn to sell with honor and integrity from a heart-centered place of helping others.

No matter where you’re starting from, YOU can learn, too!

Just click the Buy Now button and the entire Academy of Influence experience will be yours for $997!


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During our time together, we’ll:

  • Identify Your Top 5 Strengths to develop your intrinsic “Sales Personality” (Strengths Finder Assessment included!)
  • Understand “Energy Management”: Design your work and schedule to maximize your innate energy cycles so you have more energy to work and play
  • Find Your “Fascinate” Advantage Profile: You’ll learn how you are naturally wired to attract and impress others…you’ll increase your value and confidence by living in your sphere of influence (assessment included!)
  • Map Out Your Personal Values And Craft A Leadership Manifesto that will attract like-minded people and opportunities that mirror your heart-song
  • Create A Vision-Board Of Your Ideal Life to maintain your focus… because life can be distracting!
  • Give You A Complete Mindset Overhaul: You’ll uncover and debunk the subconscious lies you tell yourself that sabotage your success (we all do it!) — if you liked this webinar, this section will transform you and your life!
  • Master The Practical Sales Skills that allow you to build trust and establish authority on an instinctive level; use question-based dialogue to have your clients “selling themselves”
  • Connect Everything You’ve Learned In A Real-Life Selling Opportunity while in a safe and supportive coaching environment (building your resume and your bank account simultaneously!)
I mean it when I say that you can learn to sell in a way that doesn’t feel like selling. I’m committed to your growth and want you to be the BEST VERSION OF YOU POSSIBLE.

To make sure that happens, we’ve structured the training so you’ll get:
  • Weekly live calls with me and my team
  • A Certificate of Completion…with the added honor of being “VCS-Certified” for graduates who close a deal before the end of the program


  • Graduates will be considered for the opportunity to partner with our clients and work with us on an on-going basis.
We only have 25 seats and the class starts soon… we expect to max out!

I want to help you transform your business and your life — to help you grow your bank account, break through limiting beliefs, and show you your innate passion of persuasion so you change the world…one client and customer at a time…in a way that only you can do.

Isn’t it time you invest in your future and build the skills that lead to the life you’ve always dreamed of while helping others get what they need, too?
OUR GUARANTEE: Because the program is intellectual property, we don’t offer a money-back guarantee, but I do offer a “Done For You” guarantee… If, after you’ve graduated, you still can’t close a deal and send me a recording of one of your closing calls where you’ve implemented my methods, then I will personally jump on a call with one of your prospects and close up to a $1000 deal for you!
 Are you ready to ENJOY selling just like some of our other customers?

 “Sales was no longer something I dreaded, but rather, something I thoroughly enjoyed.”

           ~ Stacy Rothenberger

 “Each life they touch is important; the client, the prospect and the family of staff they work with. What an honor to be a part of VCS (Academy of Influence)…”

           ~ Maria Francesconi

“Ridiculously efficient” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Virtual Coaching Sales (Academy of Influence) and the company leaders.”
           ~ Virpi Tervonen, Ph.D. 

Mindset Training is a series of 12 principles:

1. All people are intrinsically valuable and worthy of love

2. Self-sufficiency is a myth

3. You cannot serve your clients until you sell your clients

4. A sale is necessarily Win-Win

5. Money is a metaphor and the physical manifestation of our mindset

6. Your income is a direct reflection of your socio-economic value – Want more? Serve better.

7. Money is attracted to, and stays with, people who manage it well

8. Sales and Leadership are both expressions of the Art of Influence

9. Influence is a skill that can be learned and improved

10. Before one can expand one’s circle of influence, one must first take absolute ownership of self

11. Sales is love and how we bless the world

12. Our mission is bigger than our fear


Skills Training covers:

  • Establish Rapport (using tone, posture, language, tempo & silence)
  • Build Trust & Authority
  • Set the Stage for the Offer
  • Lead through Questions
  • Get Small Commitments
  • Qualify the Prospect
  • Bring up Money
  • Reframe Objections
  • Close the Deal

Our Personal Sales Style Training is built on the StrengthsFinder and “How to Fascinate” assessments – both included in the program price!

PLUS:  You’ll also receive TWO of our proprietary scripts — “Starting the Conversation” and “Closing the Deal” — and we’ll discuss how you can tailor them to your ideal target market.
Remember, we only have 25 seats at the $997 level… We may be able to fit you into the next class, but you’ll have to pay more if you wait.

So if you want to lock in your spot now, just click here:
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I’m so excited to work with you! I already know it’ll be an amazing experience!

Here’s to your happiest and most profitable year so far!

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